Rich Sanders Featured on BraveNewCoin Podcast The Crypto Conversation

by | Dec 4, 2020 | cybercrime, exchanges, money laundering

Richard Sanders, CipherBlade lead investigator and co-founder, was recently featured as a guest on The Crypto Conversation podcast on BraveNewCoin, The Blockchain Detective – Taking on elite cybercriminals & owning them.

Rich discusses how CipherBlade uses a mix of blockchain forensics tools as well as off-chain tools to track down sophisticated cybercriminals.

The importance of privacy and privacy by default, including privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero, both of which Rich strongly supports, is a focal point of the conversation. “The question is, how do we have privacy by default but in the interests of public safety? We need to have this conversation as an industry so we can figure this out before governments are forced to do it for us.”

Shady Exchanges Facilitating Illicit Activity

Another focal point is illicit activity facilitated by cryptocurrency exchanges today, including most notably OKex. Rich identifies how OKex knowingly facilitates money laundering by showing the sheer number of transactions received directly from darknet markets which OKex clearly doesn’t do anything about. Although OKex might state otherwise, they clearly don’t have anything resembling a compliance team and don’t have an Anti-money laundering policy, only a money laundering policy.