Scam and Theft Investigation and Funds Recovery

Our team of elite investigators, white hat hackers, and cybersecurity, blockchain and legal experts has solved major crypto scams and recovered millions of dollars.

Due to the overwhelming demand for our service, we cannot work on all the cases being brought to us. We work only on major cases ($500,000 of funds lost or more) and prefer cases over $5M.

We require full cooperation from the victims, as they can threaten our work by behaving recklessly (tipping off the perpetrators, for example). For that reason we sign a legally binding agreement with them before starting a case.


Pricing for scam investigations has three elements and is agreed-upon before our work starts:

Percentage of any recovered funds

The bounty is agreed upon beforehand as a percentage of the funds recovered. To increase chances that we’ll choose your case over others, you can pay part of the fee upfront (fully refundable in case we won’t solve the case).

Identification fee

Fee for uncovering the identities of one or more of the perpetrators.

Documentation and hand off fee

In case we can’t recover the funds or solve the case on our own, we assist with handing the case and all its documentation off to the most relevant law enforcement agencies.