Our Services

All services can be paid for in full in liquid cryptocurrencies.

ICO Anti-Scam Package

Get the most comprehensive and efficient anti-scam solution for ICOs in the world.

ICO Advisory

Our Chief Security Officer is available to work hands-on with selected projects in a full advisory role.

Personal Security Package (PERSEC)

Our special training will help you protect and secure your digital assets, and increase your own physical safety and that of your family and co-workers.

Scam and Theft Investigation and Funds Recovery

Our team of elite investigators, white hat hackers, and cybersecurity, blockchain and legal experts can investigate scams and thefts.

Additional Services

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert Testimony

Our elite blockchain expert can provide the facts about blockchain assets.

Blockchain Security Consulting

We help organizations and high net worth individuals protect their cryptocurrencies.

Background Checks and Vetting

We provide professional background checks.

Clients and Partners

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