We have traced cryptocurrencies in hundreds of cybercrime cases.

What We Do

Blockchain Forensics

We illuminate blockchain transactions
Our team of veteran investigators utilizes multiple forensics tool suites to analyze and visualize the flow of funds on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains and extract actionable intelligence for funds recovery, criminal prosecution, and litigation.

Cryptocurrency Recovery

We help to recover digital assets
We trace and monitor stolen funds and leverage our industry network to flag and blacklist addresses with the goal of having the proceeds of crime intercepted and frozen. We liaise between victims, digital asset services, and law enforcement internationally to assist in an orderly recovery process.

Expert Testimony

We assist in legal cases
From divorce cases through business disputes to criminal proceedings, our team is experienced in providing expert support to parties and their lawyers, as well as expert testimony before the court. With our deep understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions, we help our clients and the court navigate the factual intricacies these cases present.

How We Work

Bespoke Services
Tailored strategies based on a thorough evaluation of each unique case.
Client Focus
Precision in execution to meet specific client requirements and circumstances.
Adaptable Methods
A toolbox to match the complexity and scale of each situation.
Flexible approaches designed to manage costs while maximizing results.

Our Global Reach

Our globally distributed and multilingual team is the cornerstone of our exceptional investigative capabilities. Our positioning across multiple continents allows for round-the-clock support, leveraging diverse expertise to uncover critical insights. Whether tracing illicit transactions or recovering assets, our international team collaborates seamlessly to provide the highest standard of service, ensuring swift and effective responses no matter where an incident occurs.

Our Veteran Team

Our veteran team brings together seasoned professionals with academic, law enforcement, military, and crypto industry backgrounds. With experience reaching back to the early days of cryptocurrency forensics, our experts are adept at navigating the complexities of crypto crime. Be it conducting forensic analysis or providing expert testimony, our team’s rich and varied backgrounds allow us to tackle the most challenging cases with confidence and precision.

What Our Clients Say

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Maxwell Sterling
Senior Strategic Analyst

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    Please provide information about your request, including relevant details such as:
transaction IDs, addresses, amount of cryptocurrency lost (if applicable), your nationality
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    Please be aware that we receive a lot of inquiries and will prioritize requests with relevant details.

    Or contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

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