Cryptocurrencies can play a significant role in divorce proceedings, often becoming a contentious issue between spouses. With their decentralization and perceived anonymity, they are attractive for individuals seeking to hide or move assets during divorce proceedings.

Our blockchain forensic experts have played a crucial role in assisting parties and their counsel in such cases by tracing and documenting cryptocurrency transactions, uncovering undisclosed cryptocurrency in hidden wallets and exchange accounts, and assessing the value of these assets accurately, thus providing a thorough understanding of an individual’s cryptocurrency holdings.

Additionally, we can provide expert testimony in court to establish the true extent of a spouse's cryptocurrency holdings, helping to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of assets during divorce proceedings.

Business Disputes

In the realm of business disputes, especially those involving partnerships, contracts, or financial transactions, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology introduce a layer of complexity that traditional forensic analysis might not adequately address. The immutable and transparent nature of blockchain can serve as a double-edged sword—offering a clear record of transactions that, on one hand, can prove invaluable in disputes over financial transactions, asset transfers, or breaches of contract, but on the other, may require specialized skills to interpret accurately. A blockchain-forensic expert becomes indispensable in such scenarios.

By meticulously analyzing transaction histories, wallet addresses, and smart contracts, our experts can unearth evidence of fraudulent transactions, unauthorized asset transfers, misappropriation of funds, or other misrepresentations.

Their unique skill set not only helps in pinpointing the exact nature of the dispute but also in crafting a litigation strategy that leverages the transparency of blockchain to support or refute claims.

Criminal Defense

A blockchain-forensic expert plays a crucial role in supporting the defense attorney of an individual indicted for a cryptocurrency-related crime.

Our expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions allows us to thoroughly investigate and analyze the evidence presented by the prosecution and to identify any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the allegations, trace the flow of at issue, and pinpoint potential errors or misunderstandings that may have occurred during the investigation, such as missed indicators of a change of custody.

Additionally, we can provide expert testimony in court, explaining complex blockchain concepts in a way that is accessible to judges and jurors, thus helping to build a strong defense strategy. By leveraging their deep understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, our blockchain-forensic experts can assist defense attorneys in challenging the prosecution's case and ensuring that their client's rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Civil Prosecution

Blockchain-forensic experts are indispensable in assisting victims of cryptocurrency-related cybercrime and their lawyers when pursuing civil procedures, like civil prosecution for fraud, to recover stolen assets.

Our experts, deeply familiar with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, can meticulously trace the flow of cryptocurrency funds through the blockchain, identifying wallets and addresses associated with the cybercriminals and the destination of the stolen funds.

They can also liaise with cryptocurrency exchanges and provide insights on how to seize and freeze illicitly obtained cryptocurrencies, as well as hands-on assistance with the process. Moreover, their insights can help legal counsel navigate complex legal frameworks and build a compelling argument to demonstrate the extent of the financial losses incurred. Through their expertise, blockchain-forensic experts play a pivotal role in increasing the chances of a successful outcome, ensuring that victims have a fighting chance to recover at least a portion of their stolen assets, ultimately seeking justice and restitution in the face of cryptocurrency-related cybercrime.

Consumer Protection

Cryptocurrency-related cybercrime frequently gives rise to consumer protection claims against third parties such as cryptocurrency exchanges and telecommunications companies. Victims allege negligence on the part of these third parties, asserting that their actions or lack thereof facilitated cybercrimes, ultimately resulting in financial losses. On the other hand, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers and telecommunications companies find themselves defending against these allegations by demonstrating that they took all proper precautions and no action they could reasonably have been expected to take would have prevented the incident.

Our experts have served both defendants and plaintiffs in such lawsuits by providing an independent reconstruction of the events and analysis of the causal chain, as well as assessment of the parties’ actual and alternative courses of action, facilitating a fair and just resolution by elucidating the complexities of the individual incident at hand.


Cryptocurrencies can introduce complex challenges in bankruptcy proceedings, as they are assets with unique characteristics. These assets may need to be accounted for, assessed, and distributed among creditors, but their decentralized nature and potential for anonymity can make this process intricate.

A blockchain-forensic expert can be instrumental in aiding parties during bankruptcy proceedings. Our expertise and tools allow us to track and document cryptocurrency holdings, identify hidden wallets, and determine their value accurately. Our expertise and tools allow us to track and document cryptocurrency holdings, identify hidden wallets, and determine their value accurately.

Furthermore, experts can assist in establishing the priority of claims and addressing any potential fraudulent or preferential transactions involving cryptocurrencies. By leveraging their knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain-forensic experts help streamline the process, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of digital assets among creditors and facilitating a smoother resolution of bankruptcy cases.

Estate Administration

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming a significant part of estate administration, presenting both challenges and opportunities. As digital assets, cryptocurrencies may not be immediately apparent or accessible to heirs or beneficiaries, making them prone to being overlooked or forgotten in estate planning.

A blockchain-forensic expert can play a vital role in assisting lawyers and estate administrators in such matters. We can help identify, document, and value cryptocurrency holdings within the estate accurately.

Moreover, our experts possess the knowledge to navigate the complex world of blockchain wallets and cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring that the assets are securely transferred to the intended recipients in compliance with relevant legal requirements.

In cases where the deceased's access to cryptocurrency wallets and private keys may be lost or poorly documented, a blockchain-forensic expert can provide technical assistance and expertise, potentially helping heirs or beneficiaries gain access to these digital assets. Our experts ensure a smooth and fair administration of cryptocurrency assets as part of the broader estate, facilitating the proper distribution of wealth according to the decedent's wishes.

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