Incident Response

When a security breach or fraudulent activity strikes, immediate action is crucial. CipherBlade’s blockchain-forensic experts are available to be your dedicated response team on call. By engaging CipherBlade proactively, you ensure that you have immediate access to our expertise whenever you need it. Our global presence allows us to monitor and respond to movements of stolen funds around the clock, perform real-time tracking and analysis, and implement recovery strategies leveraging our network and advanced forensics tools. With us on stand-by, you can be confident that any incident will be handled with the utmost efficiency and precision, ensuring the best possible outcome for your business.

Security Advisory

In the dynamic world of crypto, maintaining robust security is essential to protecting your digital assets. Our security advisory services focus on implementing best practices and effective credential management to fortify your defenses. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments and audits to identify potential vulnerabilities in your systems and processes. Our team develops tailored security protocols that address these vulnerabilities and align with industry standards. We emphasize the importance of proper credential management, including the secure handling and storage of private keys, multi-factor authentication, and regular access reviews. Additionally, we provide training and awareness programs to ensure your team is well-versed in the latest security practices. By prioritizing best practices and credential management, we help you create a resilient security posture that can withstand the evolving threats in the crypto landscape.

Due Diligence and Source-of-Funds Investigations

Transparency and trust are vital in the crypto industry, and our due diligence and source-of-funds investigations provide the clarity and assurance you need to make informed decisions. Our blockchain forensic experts meticulously analyze transaction histories and the origins of funds, ensuring that all activities comply with regulatory standards. We dive deep into the transactional data to trace the flow of assets, uncovering any anomalies or red flags that could indicate illicit activities and require further scrutiny. By verifying the legitimacy of transactions and ensuring that they match the narrative you have been presented, we help you build a foundation of trust and integrity in your business dealings. Our thorough approach ensures that you have all the information necessary to make confident, well-informed decisions in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.

Compliance and AML Consulting

Compliance efforts remain a significant challenge in the crypto space. Our blockchain forensic expertise underpins our comprehensive compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) consulting services. We help you develop and implement robust AML programs that align with industry standards, provide training to your team to bolster your in-house expertise, assist with assessments and filings of suspicious activity reports, and remain on call for challenging investigations. By supplementing your team with our expertise, we help you maintain a strong compliance posture, safeguarding your business from potential risks and ensuring continued success in the cryptocurrency industry.

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