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Audits and Reports

Audits and Reports

Funds & Security Audits for Exchanges and Funds

We offer a “proof of funds” and security audits for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency funds wanting to increase trust placed in them by their customers, investors and banking partners. As the blockchain industry continues to mature, this level of transparency will be at a minimum a public expectation – and quite possibly a regulatory one. Get ahead of the curve.

Funds & Security Audits for Exchanges and Funds

Case Study

We have conducted a “Proof of Reserve and Security Audit” for Canadian exchange BitBuy and authored a report which is now featured on the BitBuy homepage.

Our suite of capabilities and resources includes Chainalysis certification, CipherTrace expertise, Crypto Defenders Alliance membership, an extensive network of law enforcement, legal and exchange contacts, and most importantly, deep experience with dozens of cases.

Audits and Reports

Security Audits for Blockchain Companies

If the trust of customers and business partners is important for your business, a security audit with a public-facing report is an excellent investment. 

Not only can you prevent disasters from happening, but you can increase the trust of your customers and key business partners at the same time. 

As you know, business moves at the speed of trust – and in the crypto industry, it’s true tenfold!

Case Study: We were approached by a prominent blockchain company after they had experienced a data breach and a targeted “FUD” campaign against their business. To rebuild the trust of their business partners, they engaged us for performing a security audit and authoring a report.

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