Background Checks and Vetting

Given the nascent state of the blockchain industry, many individuals and organizations in the space do not yet have a well-established track-record and reputation. Transacting with potentially untrustworthy parties can be disastrous. That is why we offer deep background checks of investors (“crypto VCs”), ICOs, funds, pools, advisors and other entities in the space.

Professional background checks should be a key part of your vetting process when onboarding new business partners and employees who handle sensitive information and digital assets.

Our analysis includes a complete online footprint map comprised of social media profiles, photos, associates, email addresses, telephone numbers, chat usernames, and more. It also includes personal history, a criminal background check, scandals and allegations, and psychological analysis of possible motivations and salient personality traits.

Our unique connections and expertise allows us to access and collect information you would never find on your own.

We provide you with all of this in the form of a detailed and structured report with highly actionable recommendations.

Background Checks and Vetting

You might want to retain our services whenever:


Transferring funds to boutique custodians


Transferring funds to boutique escrow providers


Doing an OTC trade


Engaging with new service providers in a high-stakes situations


Hiring new employees

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