CipherBlade Featured on VICE Showtime SIM Swapping Documentary

by | Jun 3, 2020 | cybercrime, hacking, SIM Swapping

Richard Sanders, CipherBlade lead investigator and co-founder, was recently featured as a SIM Swapping expert on a VICE TV SIM-Swapping documentary on Showtime, Keepers of the Caliphate & SIM Kids.

Rich is responsible for investigating, uncovering, and tracking down notorious SIM Swapper Joel Ortiz, one of the most prominent members of the OGUSERS SIM-Swapping ring. Joel Ortiz was apprehended by authorities in July 2018 largely due to Rich’s work on the case, as shown in this documentary. Joel Ortiz ended up being sentenced to 10 years in prison.

SIM hijacking or SIM Swapping is an increasingly common crime that has caused billions of dollars in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency thefts alone (in addition to other thefts that aren’t Bitcoin or cryptocurrency-related). In this documentary, Rich shows some of the techniques and tools utilized to track down Joel Ortiz, and discusses how CipherBlade goes about investigating SIM Swapping cases, in an effort to ultimately recover funds for victims.

CipherBlade has produced a considerable amount of educational content on SIM Swapping, including most notably the SIM Swapping Bible, and has sought to raise awareness to prevent people from being victimized by SIM-Swapping attacks. Those who have been victimized in a SIM Swapping attack can contact CipherBlade for professional assistance.