Compliance / Regulations Consulting

We provide consulting on all regulatory areas related to cryptocurrency payment processing, including but not limited to:





“Know Your Transaction”


“Know Your Customer”



“General Data Protection Regulation” and other data policies

Risk Scoring Models

Assessment for Transactions


“Money Transmitter“

Status and licenses

We are in close touch with multiple regulatory bodies in the USA and Canada. We know what regulators love and what they frown upon.

We keep an eye to the ground for our clients to protect their business interests and to assist them with “proactive compliance,” which can turn into a huge competitive advantage.

In other words, when your competitors will constantly get caught off-guard when a new regulatory action strikes, you can just keep calmly growing your business.

CipherBlade acts as your regulatory radar, so you always see what’s next on the horizon and how your business is viewed by regulators.

Case Study: We have worked with Binance and the FBI on implementing GDPR policies.

Case Study: We have provided consulting about a risk scoring model to CipherTrace, a leading developer of blockchain forensics tools.

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