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CipherBlade offers professional incident response & funds recovery services:

You can hire us to handle the whole life-cycle of your situation from initial data collection & analysis, forensics using specialized tools, professional report writing, law enforcement liaison, mediation with exchanges / banks or other 3rd parties, expert witness testimony in court, and everything else necessary towards you getting your funds back.

Most cybercrime goes unreported; many don’t even know where to file such reports, or file them in the wrong place (such as with local police.) It’s the unfortunate reality that most police reports composed without professional helps are non-actionable for law enforcement based upon missing or improperly presented data. That’s where we come in. This BBC article on CipherBlade shows how much of a difference having a professionally written report can make.

Links for reporting a cyber security crime

CountryLinks for reporting a cyber security crimeRemarks
Afghanistan will contact ANP with relevant reports.
Albania is likely the most effective avenue of approach, especially since as of 1/3/2019, this website appears to have been breached.
Algeria Security Division: (00213) 21916211 may be more effective.
Azerbaijan is likely more effective, as the result of the listed form is inconclusive.
Bahamas, The 
Belarus is likely more effective.
Brazil has proven to be a more effective resource, but both should be completed.
British Virgin Is. 
Brunei instructions are to call 00 673 2 458001 to report an incident.
Bulgaria would be beneficial to complete as well.
Burkina Faso 
Cambodia may be more effective.
Chile may be a more effective way to communicate incidents.
China may be a more effective route.
Colombia may be a more relevant place to report, though both are suggested.
Cote d'Ivoire email to may be a more effective method to be routed to help.
Croatia should be completed as well.
Curacao (Caribbean) may be a more effective way to receive help, since the Curacao polcie website does not specifically reference cybercrime on the contact form.
Cyprus should be completed as well.
Czech Republic 
Egypt email to may be a more effective route, since the Egyptian National Police website seems to be frequently under maintenance.
Ethiopia should be completed as well.
Georgia email to ( may be optimal, since the website listed lacks a contact mechanism.
Ghana should be completed as well, since the Ghana police website may or may not be an appropriate incident reporting mechanism.
Greece⟨=EN should be completed as well.
GuatemalaUnknownGuatemala seems to lack an official website related to cybercrime. The best bet may be phoning the national police (+502 4811 0503)
Hong Kong 
Hungary website lacks a direct reporting mechanism, in addition to notifying Hungarian police, send an email to
Iceland lacks a direct report tool, so in addition to contacting via the channels listed on the site, should also be emailed.
Indonesia seems to lack a report form; general chain of command for cyber is structured around Jakarta and reports are best routed there. An email to would likely be a beneficial supplement.
Iran lacks a direct contact form, so an email to both and would be optimal in addition to a report with the local police zone headquarters.
Ireland advises to report to the local Garda station. As such, reporting to the local Garda station in addition to the NCSC is optimal.
Italy form available upon regustration.
Japan the national police through the methodologies listed on the site while having an email sent to seems optiomal.
Kazakhstan may be more effective.
Kenya may be more effective.
Korea, NorthUnknown, but Lazarus probably isn't going to recruit you. 
Korea, South 
Kosovo is worth exploring as well.
Latvia may be more effective, as the Latvia police website does not explicitly state that the contacts listed are for formal complaints.
Liechtenstein may be more effective.
Macau⟨=enReport through PRC may be equally effective.
Mexico may be more effective.
Moldova may be more effective, and would likely be a welcomed addition to a police report.
Monaco email to may be more effective.
Morocco may be more effective.
Myanmar email to may be more effective.
Netherlands is another strong resource. The Netherlands provides numerous ways to report cybercrime.
New Zealand Zealand prefers having both a police report and CERT report.
Nigeria authorities often require firm external pressure in cybercrime cases.
Norway has a form which can be filled out by either the police or the victim, listed in the link.
Oman may be a more effective route.
Panama email to may be more effective.
Paraguay email to may be more effective.
Philippines provides numerous options to report, listed on the link, as well as a comprehensive estimated duration for each step in the process.
Portugal direct links to email
Qatar per the website, an email to is optimal.
Romania email to may be a welcome addition to a police report.
Russia between Russian and western authorities may be limited.
Saudi Arabia 
Slovenia seems to be the preferred methodology.
South Africa 
Spain and 
Sri Lanka 
Sweden email to may be a welcome addition to a police report.
Taiwan and email to may be the preferred method.
Thailand and 
Turkey email to may be the preferred method.
United Kingdom 
United States 
Vietnam to seems to be the preferred method.

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