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Investment / Securities Fraud Response

Investment / Securities Fraud Response

Have you been mislead or defrauded as an ICO, IEO or STO investor?

The combination of the following four factors puts us in a unique position to assist you in cases of wire fraud, investment fraud or securities fraud:

We have close connections with law firms and attorneys who specialize in ICO lawsuits and cryptocurrency and investment fraud related cases.

We have nurtured relationships with multiple regulatory bodies, especially in the USA and Canada, and law enforcement agencies globally who pursue such cases.

Our team has deep expertise in blockchain forensics, data science and cybercrime investigation, which we employ to create in-depth reports for legal professionals to support your case.

We have also served in the capacity of a credentialed expert witness and can provide testimony in a court of law.

In short, we are your fastest option for getting your funds back!

Investment / Securities Fraud Response

Out-of-Court Settlements

We offer assistance through mediation for out-of-court settlements with ICOs and blockchain-related projects and businesses. The advantage for you as an investor is that you get your funds back much faster than through proceedings in court, which can span several years.

However, if required, we are prepared to help you pursue your rights with full legal power, us assisting as expert witness in the process.

Whether you choose the faster or slower track for pursuing your rights, justice is always served in the end.

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