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Report Incident

If you got scammed, hacked, blackmailed, threatened, treated unfairly or ran into a security or technical problem, report it for our expert review.

We charge a processing fee for incident reports. See FAQ.

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What is a basic report:

You'll get access to a form for collecting information about your case. After you fill it, our specialist will review it and contact you with your options.

What is a police report:

We'll consult you regarding the best law enforcement entity and jurisdiction to file the report in, and assist you with filling it. It is likely that you'll need to submit the report yourself, due to legal requirements that victims file these reports.

What is urgent processing:

We'll prioritize your case and get back to you in 1 week or sooner.

What is video/phone call:

Our specialist (usually chief investigator Rich Sanders) will call you to consult your case over video or audio.

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Due to high demand for our services (we receive hundreds of messages), there is a minimum processing fee for all incident reports. You can pay with ETH, BTC and GO.

We can no longer respond to all Telegram messages or emails, so we have decided to prioritize clients willing to pay for our work.



After you pay, you’ll be able to submit information about your case. After that’s done, a security specialist will contact you to consult and inform you about your options (fund recovery, police involvement, and other courses of action).