Security Consulting

Security Consulting

“Secure your peace of mind.”

We provide full-stack security services and training to exchanges, blockchain companies, crypto funds, family offices, executives and other security-minded or exposed individuals.

Our areas of expertise include inheritance and disaster scenario planning, multi-signature wallets, cold storage, hardware wallets, best practices, social engineering protection, security policies and processes design and enforcement, staff training, and more.

The typical consulting package includes understanding your needs, collecting information and mapping your specific situation, providing you with detailed analysis, recommending solutions based on it, and assistance with the implementation of the desired solutions.

Security Consulting

Security Training

CipherBlade offers cutting-edge security training to organizations and individuals, both remote (video seminar format) and on-site.

Only properly trained security-minded staff can protect your business and its most valuable assets in its day-to-day operations.

We teach best security practices in an easy to understand and engaging way, and help you with implementing strong security policies in a completely painless fashion.

Strong security is the best investment you can make. 

Protect your business, assets, data, staff and clients today:

Security Consulting



Are you interested in increasing your personal safety, both digital and physical?

Protect yourself, your family, your privacy and reputation, digital and other assets.

There are numerous attack vectors you might be unaware of. A brief consultation with our security specialists can pay for itself a hundred times over. We provide personalized security advice tailored to your needs.

We will help you protect yourself from the risks that are the biggest threat to you given your unique situation.


Do you want to increase your operational security? OPSEC is about improving your infrastructure, policies and processes to maximize the security of your operations.

While you can put a financial number on the potential losses prevented thanks to having tight OPSEC, a peace of mind and a good night’s sleep are priceless.

We’ll help you ensure you have a sound system in place that ensures crypto assets will remain accessible, to multiple individuals if need be, while at the same time remaining highly secure.

We’ll also help you to secure your data, login credentials and other digital assets and sensitive information.

Having a robust infrastructure adhering to state-of-the-art cybersecurity principles and best practices is critical for any modern business.

Security Consulting

Content and Community Education

If your customers or users handle cryptocurrencies or other digital assets, educating them about best security practices can become a competitive advantage to your business, and can help protect the community and eco-system around it.

Forward-thinking organizations that educate their communities about best security practices are seen in a more favorable light not just by their customers but by regulators as well.

CipherBlade authors unique content tailored specifically to the needs of your community, and can organize a virtual mass training events or “security expert interviews (AMAs)” as well, which also function as excellent promotional opportunities for your business.

Case Study: In his role as an official ICO advisor, Richard Sanders (CipherBlade CSO) has done security AMA for Dusk Network in their Telegram community.

Case Study: CipherBlade has provided content for Changelly about hardware wallets, and jointly co-authored content for MyCrypto about simswapping.

Security Consulting


You can stop wasting time hunting for a reliable pentesting service provider!

We have established working partnerships with several leading pentesting providers, and can help you choose the right one.

You will get competitively priced turnkey pentesting solutions tailored exactly to your needs.

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